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About Us

Founded in 2018. Headquarters in New York, US.

Polybird is building an end-to-end platform for issuers and tokenization platform to launch their issuances and tokenized assets or securities.

Our team consists of dedicated and working professionals ie. engineers, designers and product leads combine a wealth of experience from companies like Morgan Stanley, CME Group, and J.P. Morgan.

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Polybird Trademark and Brand Guidelines


Polybird is written as single word, with a capital P.

Polybird poly bird PolyBird Poly bird Poly Bird


We have following versions of our logos availiable for download. Please use them accordingly.

This is our primary logo. It has logo and company name with transparent background.
This is our text only logo. It has our company name only.

This is our logo in black with transparent background.
This is our logo in white with black background.


The text part of our logo was created using Megrim Font. It was written in small letters only.

polybird Polybird PolyBird poly bird

Polybird here should be written as polybird as in first example, not Polybird, Polybird or poly bird as shown above respectively.

Contact Us

For general enquiries, Support: support@polybird.io

Our CEO, Harish D Gupta: harish@polybird.io